Designed Thinking Applied to Life

  1. The thing you currently think you’ll be doing with your life

I think I will be working in an office, maybe as a counselor. My majors are Child Development and Family Life Education, with a minor in psychology. Originally, I wanted to be a social worker and work with adoption, but I think I can see myself working with counseling or maybe family therapy.

Confidence: 8.5 Resources: 5 Impact: 8 Satisfaction: 10

  1. The thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow

To be honest, I don’t think I have found my thing yet. There’s a lot of things I enjoy, but there’s not many things I have a strong passion for. I really enjoy helping people, and my favorite category of people are kids and old people. I just decided I wanted to help kids because old people are closer to dying and I have attachment problems and probably couldn’t deal with that. But if I couldn’t help kids, then I would definitely be someone who helps the elderly.

Confidence: 7.5 Resources: 3 Impact: 8 Satisfaction: 10

  1. The thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh, go ahead, what would it be?

If I were financially secure and no one would ever laugh, then I still would want to help people. I’d volunteer to help the needy. I like to think of myself of genuinely caring, so I’d use that characteristic of mine so help others.

Confidence: 10 Resources: 2 Impact: 8 Satisfaction: 10

Five Year Plan

Year 1: I will be a junior in college. I would start my filed work here and start gaining experience. I will probably be a helper at a pre-school. I will also make money on the side so I could live and pay my own rent.
Year 2: I will be a senior in college. I would probably branch out on my work more and maybe work with autistic children and do some counseling as well. I will still have a job on a side so I could save up.
Year 3: I will be out of college and I will look for work. Hopefully I get a full time job working at an office working with children.
Year 4: I will still be doing what I do in year 3
Year 5: I will maybe get promoted and make more money doing what I love


Wednesday, in class, for our classmate conversation, I got to talk to Esmeralda Melchor. For starters, she has a really cool name, I’ve never met anyone named Esmeralda before. She is a first year at cal state Long Beach. She is majoring in Film. SHe’s thinking about working in the music industry by maybe making music videos or shooting album covers. In her free time, she usually enjoys  running and going out to eat with her friends. She has 3 brothers and 1 sister. She was born and raised in Long Beach. Her favorite color is black. She identifies herself as Mexican-American. She enjoys listening to all types of music, except country. She is all around a cool gal.

When I first heard that we had to go to the Japanese Garden for the art project, I got really cranky because I didn’t want to walk from upper campus all the way to the garden and then have to walk all the way back to upper campus because that takes forever. Luckily, the shuttle came and it shorted my walk by like 10 minutes or whatever. I walk slow. I’m glad I went though. The Japanese garden is just so beautiful. I’ve only been around 5 times and the view is always just serene. It was pretty bright outside and drawing on white paper was a little blinding. I thought I was drawing something nice but looking at it in fluorescent lighting, it doesn’t look that great. It’s a really rough drawing. I like the representative drawing “something that looks like something.” It was really difficult not erasing stuff.


Today in class I got to talk to Sydnie Santos. She is 19 years old. She is a Freshman. She is currently studying psychology. She is originally from Cerritos, CA, where she went to Cerritos High School. In high school she played volleyball for 3 years. Her two favorite foods are sushi and fries. She commutes to and from school. In her free time she likes to hang out with friends and she likes eating. Food is great so who really doesn’t like to do that.

Image-1 (4)

I decided to talk to Krystal Ramirez today, who is finishing her last year at Long Beach State! She is an undergraduate student working toward her BFA in metal and jewelry, but she originally majored in child development. She’s had a passion for art since she was young. She mainly drew and painted when she was young. When she went to school she took a jewelry class and then decided that that is what she wanted to do with her life.

Her artwork consisted many different types of metals. Her metals included copper, brass steel, silver, etc. I would describe her artwork as define and solid and very intricate. Her pieces were on a table, giving a homely vibe. Her pieces were utensils, plates, puts. She used simple colors which, with browns and metallics.

Her main idea revolved around relationships building and bonding around a dinner table. Her pieces directly resemble the people who have had an impact on her life. Like food, metals could be made into something great. Everything could be built-upon and made into something different. She also decided to do these pieces around a dinner table because of the ambiance and the warm environment surrounding the table filled with family.

I really liked this. It was a really neat idea. It really makes me miss my family and old times. Because I go to a college away from home, I don’t really get to see my family much. It really sucks that I don’t get to. My relationship with them is basically facetimes or phonecalls once or twice a week. It help me reflect on my life and realize that I need to make more effort to those who matter to me and those who have impacted my life greatly.

image1 (3)

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Trevor Young in class. He is from Torrance, California, which to my knowledge, isn’t too far from Long Beach. He lives in Lakewood. Trevor is a 3rd year and is studying Kinesiology. He works at the gym at Cal State Long Beach. For fun he likes to go out, hang out with friends, and maybe get the occasional taco. He is an only child. If he were to describe himself in three words it would be spontaneous, comical, and go with the flow type of person. His favorite foods are burritos, safron rice, and basically mediterranean food in general. His favorite color is blue. His preferred genre of music are rap, hip-hop, edm, and RnB. He’s currently listening to Drake’s album. He is all around a really cool guy.

Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)

image1 (2)I thought that the activity was going to be extremely boring. I knew I was right. I think that it was both easy and hard. It was hard not to check my phone nor watch Netflix so that was irritating. But it was easy in a sense that I was so bored that I fell asleep. It felt it was neither frustrating nor liberating. Yes, I’m very phone dependent, but I don’t think it affected me that much. I would say I got like a normal amount of sleep. I usually need to hear a noise from a TV or a YouTube video to fall asleep, so this time I went to sleep in silence which was pretty easy. Living without electricity, I would imagine would connect you more with nature. I think that more people would be more willing to go out and go on hikes or take a trip to the beach and just enjoy the time, rather than video/picture document it. I don’t know how people lived without electricity, but I imagined that they had closer bonds with people rather than just knowing someone through a profile. I wish I was a little less dependent on my phone, ideally, and more connected to the world.