Week 1: Plaster Casting

So today I went to the Seal Beach Pier to get my plaster casting done. Before that I busted a mission to Home Depot and Daiso to gather up my supplies. I don’t have a car so I had to uber/lyft everywhere and it ended up being a really expensive trip. Well, I got to the beach, it was a really nice day. I ended up having to do this project twice because as you can see, I messed up on my hand so I thought I would go for the foot. That, also looks horrendous, but hey I tried. It was pretty fun. My room mate came along with me and she made the plaster mix for me while I stayed in the sand and almost got attacked by seagulls. Good thing I had that mixer stick thing to like shoo them away. I thought the project was actually pretty fun. It was a good day and time to go to the beach and get some work done. It was fairly easy, but I was upset that I got plaster on my pants.


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