Alex Lebreton


Eager to leave class, we forgot to take a picture together so here is a stick figure drawing of us hanging out in the sun. Alex is a very tall male. He is a biology major. He currently works at a place called Exotica which sells sunglasses like ray bans and all that stuff. We actually had some stuff in common with the fact that we are both from NorCal. He is from San Francisco and I’m from Sacramento, so it’s not too far. We both chose Long Beach because we wanted to go to school in SoCal and kind of get away. For fun he likes to go to the beach, hike, drive, and hang out with friends. All of which, I love to do as well. He describes himself to be an easy going, go-with-the-flow type of guy and I totally see that. Overall he is a really cool dude and I was pleased to have had my classroom conversation with him.


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