Artist Conversation

Artist: Kelvin Lopez
Exhibition: Scribing
Media: Print-making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Website: N/A

Kelvin is an undergrad with a bachelor of Fine Arts and has an associates degree. He is from San Diego. He is interested in the work with crystals. He believes that exploring crystals in a way, for-sees information and insight into people or objects. His inspiration started with his ex-girlfriend gave him a green onyx. He appreciated it’s beauty. He said that there’s a little something he can see in each crystal.

In his gallery he displayed crystals, and framed print-making. I found a cool water colored tye dye affect on the background of his crystals. The crystals were for the most part were straight defined lines with no define shape in the background. I found that the mix of colors he used her pretty. The pictures in the crystal, I believe were printed. They were graphic and realistic or fabled events.

When speaking to the artist, we were able to gather some insights of how he got to where he was when creating his artwork. He mentioned that he took art in high school. He said he was no good and that people insulted his art work for not being good enough. Instead of taking that as negative energy, he flipped it around and got even more interested in art. It was his motivation to do better. He was able to experiment with different medias and became more educated in the world of art.

Kelvin had really inspirational ideas when it came to making his art. WIth his art he wanted to make things environmentally friendly. He had a mindset of “practice what I preach” when creating his art pieces. He emphasized that when he messed up, he did it intentionally, and that itself is art.

I believe his artwork is interesting and of course, beautiful. In a way crystals are like lenses with many sides to them. Depending on how they are broken or shaped, they can have many sides to them. I like how crystals can come in many colors and some are for the most part transparent. I think crystals relate to a human because humans have multiple lives, as does crystals have sides. For example, we separate our school life, from family life, and family life from love life, and love life from work life, and work life from friend’s life and so on. To me crystals represent life and it’s many sides, but like the crystal, life is beautiful.


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