Classmate Conversation: Vicki Wu

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I met Vicki Wu today during the Art Gallery portion of the class. She is a first year health care admin major. She originally wanted to do nursing but it was too hard and she’s actually scared of injuries and blood. She still has a need to help people so at least she can do it indirectly by doing health care administration. She chose CSULB because it’s pretty close to home Rosemead. She’s in a cultural sorority, Sigma Phi Omega. I was interested in looking more into that so me and another classmate had went to one of their events to check them out. They are all a close-knit fun group. She surrounds herself with good, genuine people and I think that’s awesome. She is a Leo. She describes herself as generous and understanding. She surprisingly hates the beach but she does enjoy going to underground spots and trying new foods. She’s awesome and I was happy to make a new friend inside of class.


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