Art Care Package


I sent this to my 18 year old friend, Lillian in Merced.

She is a closes friend of mine and I wanted to send her a care package because I know that she enjoys art. So in my art package, I included paper in which she can sketch on. I included a bunch of glitter in which she can add to her art pieces or use on her nails because I know that she likes to do nail art. She is one of my more artistic friends so I know that she would appreciate it. I added colored pencils because I thought that was a basic need for art. I doodled her name and drew a lily on it because that is what she goes by. I know she likes painting so I added cotton balls because I learned that using cotton balls as a tool for texture is a good technique. I actually learned that from my art teacher in high school. Lastly, I included a hallow book. I like the thought of this book because you can hide secret things in it or maybe use it as something you can keep small sketches or art pencils in.

Sending a care package can be like sending a snapchat because it sends a visual message of things you’ve experienced and things you want to show others. It isn’t like a snapchat because an actual care package is physical.

Epherma is something that is intended to have short term use. I believe that not everything needs to last forever and just the mere memory is fine. Depending on what the item is, it can gain value overtime whether it is costly or emotionally. I don’t think grandma’s parking ticket really means much, it is something to look at,but not to sound like a typical millenial, but I do think that it is something that you can just look up and you don’t really need a  physical copy of it. I do find more use in something you can wear or actually use. Unlike the parking ticket, you can actually use bracelets or maybe like an old sewing machine. I feel like my grandkids would find use out of an old bracelet or keep it as a good luck charm. Just the meaning and good memories behind it would mean a lot.

I don’t think that there is a difference between art that is seen by many people and art that does not get as much recognition. I am a strong believer that art is art and there doesn’t need to have a big audience. As long as the artist and maybe a few other people like it, that is something to take pride in.

I believe that an art care package means more than a snapchat. You are getting soemthing physical from it and more effort was put into it rather than snapping a quick pic that you can see for only a couple seconds, unless you screenshot it. If it’s a video that is being sent to you, then it is lost forever.

“Can you prepare a meal with love?” I believe that you can. I believe that if you show that you put time and effort into making something rather than paying three dollars that was preprocessed and such, it shows that there is love in it. I think that a way that a caregiver shows love is through making meals. As we get older, we become more independent. My 10th grade English teacher was able to open my eyes and say that when you get older, you don’t need your parents more because you’re becoming more individualized, therefore they feel less needed but when they make you food it is their way of showing that they love you. They show they love you in a small, not obvious ways basically.


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