Artist Conversation

Exhibition Information

Artist: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah
Exhibition: Immaterial
Media: Portrait paintings
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: wookieewarrior

About the Artist

There were two artists for this exhibit but the main person talking was Robert Nehemiah. He has been drawing since he’s been a kid and he’s always liked it. He spends a lot of his time doing his artwork so he doesn’t have much leisure time, but when he does have time to himself he likes to play music. He is an undergrad, Bachelor of Arts student. This is the last semester he has before he gets his masters. His philosophy was materialism. He used materials that aren’t durable and that don’t last forever. For example, he uses cardboard as a canvas. His surfaces are intended to absorb the paints.


Formal Analysis

As mentioned earlier, Robert Nehemiah paints on cardboard. It has a more jagged canvas. The cardboard seemed ripped and had no definite shape to it. He used more dark colors of the spectrum on his paintings. He painted a portrait of his grandmother. His partner focused on fragmentation and captured the in motion movements. There was an overall theme of people on the street. Robert Nehemiah focused more on the direct paintings. He used bright colors and blurred lines to intend movement. It was on a smooth canvas.

Content Analysis

Their work is like an exploration of character and nature. This could mean it’s not subject to just the environment but with exploration of materials  and different philosophies. He suggests that “‘Immaterial’ refers to our socialized notions of irrelevance, bringing to light the individuals and materials that surround us – challenging our perception of their value.’

Synthesis / My Experience

Overall I thought their exhibit was really unique. Since they had a street themed exhibit, they had a fence they used as a divider and an art piece. They actually found the fence and took it from the street and then put a pink panther on it. I love the pink panther so I especially enjoyed this exhibit. It was really eye pleasing for me. It gave me a downtown vibe and I love just cruising around downtown. I like how he made art out of cardboard and how the other guy was able to do in motion art because I feel like that’s hard to capture.


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