I decided to write my story on this dog because I love dogs a lot.

This is chip. Chip was an abandoned dog just roaming around in the streets. He was neglected and abused before he was abandoned. Chip was angry. He lived with a middle aged, bitter man named Tim who tossed him out into the streets for no reason. Tim kicked him out 3 weeks ago.

As he was living alley to alley he came across a small brown bag. Inside was green florescent green slime. Chip hadn’t eaten for days, he was more than ready to eat it. The slime had been modified and it made chip grow into a giant dog with super powers. Instead of using his powers for good, he was really resentful of the life he had so he used his powers for destruction.

Chip remembered where his old owner, Tim, worked. Chip’s former owner worked in a tall gray building in downtown LA. Chip had already wandered to the city of Irvine. He started to trudge north toward downtown LA.

Everyone was amused at a huge dog. There were so many news outbreaks, tweets, snapchats, and facebook feeds about the issue. No one wanted to harm or take down Chip. Eventually, Chip makes it to LA and with so much hatred in his heart, Chip uses his powers to laser and destroy every gray building in LA.

People started to become fearful and try to take down Chip. They were no match for him. Chip ended up taking over the world.

Moral of the story: Don’t neglect your dog.


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