Flip Book

This past week and a half I have been really sick. I had strep throat, the flu, fever, and food poisoning. It was awful for me. I was instructed to miss a full week of school, but I did however make it to art class because I gotta get those attendance points. I made my book on how to feel better when you’re sick. I just thought that was most appropriate because I have been living by these ways. It was sort of hard capturing multiple pages of my book at once, hence the awkward pictures. I am aware that I could put more than two but I have a two picture theme going on in my blog and I kind of want to stick with that. I thought making the book was fun. I haven’t taken much time out of my day lately to just draw and color and all that madness. I had been spending endless hours studying for a huge exam coming up this week, and taking the time to do this art project was really relaxing for me. It didn’t feel like homework, I mean art never really should, but it was like a break for me. I enjoyed this particular art project. Thank you Glenn.


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