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Exhibition Information

Artist: Dree
Exhibition: Word of the Year (2016)
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art
Instagram: macndrees

About the Artist

Dree is an undergraduate illustration major who is a 5th year trying to get her BFA. She is maybe considering graduate school. She is walking this Spring but she is officially graduating during the fall. She is from Downey. On her free time she likes to watch movies. She gets to watch free movies because she works at a movie theatre. She doesn’t have a lot of free time because she says art consumes her life, but not in a bad way. She only had one piece in the exhibit because it was a group project.

Formal Analysis

Her specific piece in the gallery is called “Silk Screen.” It has straight qualities and nice pops of color. She uses relatively straight lines. She suggested she really likes Toy Story, so I see a bit of a Buzz light-Year vibe in her drawing through her color scheme. It is smooth and clean, as opposed to jagged. Simple shapes were used. It is overall simple and eye-pleasing.

Content Analysis

Dree says that her art work is inspired by watching animations and pixar movies. She likes Toy Story. She is creating a comic book that she hopes to get published. Her specific art piece is a character in her comic book. His name is Alex. Her comic book is about a group of minors that are supporting upper land. They realize that they were slaves. The gem in her art piece is representative of items that the group of people find that they soon have to give up. Out of life, she said that she wants to do anything related to art. She was originally a business major and she got kicked out because she wasn’t the best at math. She has been doing art for 4 years and she thought it was challenging at first but she said once she got a hang of the values and medias she said its fun. She enjoys doing graphic art.

Synthesis / My Experience

I really liked her piece because of the use of color and the resemblance of Toy Story it had. Toy Story is one of my top favorite old movies. I wasn’t able to relate to her one piece as much as I could relate to her. I feel like we had some stuff in common. I love comic books and I thought the fact that she is in the makings of one is really cool. I most definitely would want to see how that turns out. I also only watch movies on my free time. I also love Toy Story. I really enjoyed talking to her she is a really easy person to talk to. I liked her art piece because of it’s simplicity and use of color. I liked the idea behind her comic book story. Overall, I had a good experience talking to this artist.


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