I didn’t like not having a topic, but it was easy. Obviously, this is no master piece but it’s what I got listening to my happy play list on my phone. The colors don’t scream happy, I just used whatever colors that were my favorite that came in the box. I kind of wish I used brighter colors to show that I was happy. It was an okay experience. Usually I like to get dirty with painting but I am really tired and still a little sick so this was still sort of like a chore for me in a way. I think this could compare to other paintings I’ve seen because I’ve seen paintings and have seen people paint with not really much on their minds, they just free flow and paint. I didn’t have much on my mind, I just went with the rhythm of the music I was listening to and that’s how it turned out. If I could do this over again, I probably  would not have used the color black, it kind of made everything look dark


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