Exhibition Information

Artist: Alice Andreini
Exhibition: (Will find the name of it)
Media: Landscape painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art

About the Artist

Alice Andreini is a local artist. She goes to California State University Long Beach as a graduate student. She is studying drawing and painting. She has been in school for 3 years. In her free time she likes to read poetry, philosophy, and good literature. Her favorite artist is Virginia Wolf. She also enjoys going to art galleries. After school, she wants to continue her art and practice as a painter as well as teach. She learned how to paint around 6 years ago. Her work explores how we view the world through landscapes, which she feels landscapes are simple and innocent.


Formal Analysis

I believe that this artist had a beautiful use of color on each of her portraits that she created. I noticed that each painting hand around the same color scheme. I would describe the nature of the line to be more straight, as opposed to jagged. I would say it appears to have a very smooth texture. These paintings are most definitely eye pleasing. I could tell she’s taken a lot of time to make these paintings but they seem simplistic and nice.

Content Analysis

Her inspiration comes from looking at things that she finds concerning. She believes that we are unaware of our mental constructs. She thinks that things just aren’t natural because it’s been tampered by human activity. She explores the attitude of sovereignty to want to dominate and control. She is skeptical of the ideologies in industrialism and capitalism. Landscapes reflect how we see a culture, and since we’ve altered things in nature to create other things, it is no longer “innocent” like how she would describe a landscape.

Synthesis / My Experience

I thought this was a unique way of looking at things. We can look at things and think that they’re beautiful when a lot of the times, it’s been transformed by humans. It let me take a step back and try to imagine how things would be pre-industrial revolution. Of course, I do love the way things are now, however, but it makes me wonder how things used to be before. I thought she was a really cool person to talk to and I enjoyed seeing things from her perspective.


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