Ethnography (Pre-Electric Cultures)

image1 (2)I thought that the activity was going to be extremely boring. I knew I was right. I think that it was both easy and hard. It was hard not to check my phone nor watch Netflix so that was irritating. But it was easy in a sense that I was so bored that I fell asleep. It felt it was neither frustrating nor liberating. Yes, I’m very phone dependent, but I don’t think it affected me that much. I would say I got like a normal amount of sleep. I usually need to hear a noise from a TV or a YouTube video to fall asleep, so this time I went to sleep in silence which was pretty easy. Living without electricity, I would imagine would connect you more with nature. I think that more people would be more willing to go out and go on hikes or take a trip to the beach and just enjoy the time, rather than video/picture document it. I don’t know how people lived without electricity, but I imagined that they had closer bonds with people rather than just knowing someone through a profile. I wish I was a little less dependent on my phone, ideally, and more connected to the world.


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