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I decided to talk to Krystal Ramirez today, who is finishing her last year at Long Beach State! She is an undergraduate student working toward her BFA in metal and jewelry, but she originally majored in child development. She’s had a passion for art since she was young. She mainly drew and painted when she was young. When she went to school she took a jewelry class and then decided that that is what she wanted to do with her life.

Her artwork consisted many different types of metals. Her metals included copper, brass steel, silver, etc. I would describe her artwork as define and solid and very intricate. Her pieces were on a table, giving a homely vibe. Her pieces were utensils, plates, puts. She used simple colors which, with browns and metallics.

Her main idea revolved around relationships building and bonding around a dinner table. Her pieces directly resemble the people who have had an impact on her life. Like food, metals could be made into something great. Everything could be built-upon and made into something different. She also decided to do these pieces around a dinner table because of the ambiance and the warm environment surrounding the table filled with family.

I really liked this. It was a really neat idea. It really makes me miss my family and old times. Because I go to a college away from home, I don’t really get to see my family much. It really sucks that I don’t get to. My relationship with them is basically facetimes or phonecalls once or twice a week. It help me reflect on my life and realize that I need to make more effort to those who matter to me and those who have impacted my life greatly.


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